Saturday, 29 December 2012

29.12.12 Morning Swim

7 days to go

This morning I woke to the sun shining through my bedroom window and an absolute cracker of a day. My wish to have a swim this morning was looking good.  I had a light breakfast and then got changed into my racing suit that Santa had given me as I did not want to be wearing it for the first time in the race.  It was looking warm outside but I knew that I had to wear my wetsuit to get used to it for the race. I made sure to grab some Vaseline to stop chaffing around my neck as this has been my issue in the past leaving a sore red rash around the side of my neck that resembles a large hickey...not the best thing to have on your neck whilst at work.

We go down to the beach and I put on the wetsuit.  It is hot and I really don't need it but as mentioned, it is something that I need to prepare for.  I look at the swim cap and decide that it is way too hot to wear that as well.  I put on my goggles after being zipped up and head into the water.  My plan is to swim to the boat ramp, then head to the other end of the beach and back to the ramp and then back to the jetty were my support crew (Victoria, Mum and Lachlan) are waiting on the beach.  I head out and to the boat ramp and I am already warm in the wetsuit.  I am feeling tired in my arms but that is me just warming up.  I hit the boat ramp and then turn around and head towards the rocks at the other end of the beach, an 850 metre swim.  I start heading out and am feeling okay.  My arms have warmed up and I am feeling comfortable.  I continue to swim for what seems like forever and the tree sitting on the edge of the water above the rocks looks no closer.  Eventually I get there and turn around for the return 850 metre swim.  As I start to head back I see a tent on the beach and decide to judge my speed on how quickly I pass it.  I am swimming and don't seem to be getting any closer or looking like I am going to pass the tent.  I keep going and realise that I am in some kind of rip.  I stop swimming swim closer to the beach and then keep going.  I am soon passing the blue tent.  I am now heading to the jetty and feeling quite good.

I eventually hit the jetty and go past it with 200 metres to go to the boat ramp and back.  I start to pick up the pace, I am feeling quite good although the arms are now tired.  I hit the boat ramp and turn around with 200 metres to go until the finish.  I have a big kick going now and have the arm cadence high.  I hit the jetty, turn right towards the beach and before I know it I can see the sand below me.  I make it to the beach and onto the sand.  I quickly remove the wetsuit, head into the water to cool off before heading for a well deserved coffee and a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

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