Saturday, 22 December 2012

22.12.12 Starting the pack

14 days to go

Well today was the start of the great trip north with my wife, my son and the cats making their way up to Auckland for our annual holiday.  I am leaving later in the week to avoid the stress that comes with 3 people travelelling with cases, bike boxes, prams, car seats and well as I need to finish a couple of little things at work.  So I thought I would take advantage of the afternoon by cooking a nice dinner followed by packing the bike away in the bike box.  I was thinking of going for a ride tomorrow but I have decided that I will take up what I said the other day and enjoy a nice cross country run tomorrow morning instead.

So the mission to put the bike in the box began and what a mission that turned out to be.  Of course the spanner that was required to take the pedals could not be found and the neighbours where missing the exact same spanner.  I head on down to the Warehouse and pick up a set that should match the pedals however when I come home and try, the set does not have the right spanner.  I am almost defeated.  Do I put the bike in the car and take it to the bike shop for assistance tomorrow or do I head back down to the shops and spend another $14.99 on another spanner set.  I decide I want the bike in the box tonight so head back down and return.  The spanner fits and I eventually get the pedals off and the bike in the box.  I finally sit down to relax and it is much for that relaxing afternoon.

Tomorrow is meant to be nice so I am looking forward to a mini sleep in and my run tomorrow.  Most of all though, I am looking forward to this break, it is long overdue and well deserved!

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