Tuesday, 25 December 2012

25.12.12 Christmas Celebrations

11 days to go

Well if I was worried about the heat on race day in either Tauranga or Auckland, it seems I have little to worry about.  The temperature today was a mild 21 degrees however completely overcast and raining and predicted to stay like that much of the following week.  Of course I looked at the weather in Wellington and it is a stunning day...very frustrating.

It was Christmas Day today and probably the first Christmas that I have not had a drink.  The closest I came was eating some Tiramisu and when I poured the flaming brandy over the Christmas pudding.  I was offered many a sip of wine today and you know what I probably should have at least had a sip as it will hardly do any harm but that is not the point.  What started out as a test for me to lose some wait turned into a battle of will power to make it through to the 5th of January.  That has since been extended with the Auckland race now on the 20th however I am so close to the end now that I can literally taste it!

Christmas was awesome today though and was a really chilled out day which is just what I needed.  I did feel a little lazy eating copious amounts of food and doing no exercise however that is what the next 11 days are going to be about.  Excercise and a focus in my diet.  Plenty of protein and starting to reduce the fibre.  Nothing worse than needing to go to the toilet halfway through a race!  So regardless of weather it was a pleasure to spend this time with my family.  Santa was also good to me this year bringing me a 2xu triathlon racing suit for me to wear for the race.

Time to go and relax with thoe family before heading off to bed as I am getting up for a 10km run before breakfast.  Merry Christmas everybody and see you tomorrow.

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