Tuesday, 18 December 2012

19.12.12 The Movie, Big.

I am not sure if you have seen the movie called Big, where Tom Hanks wants to be big as he is not allowed on a carnival ride.  Well anyway at the end of the movie there is a scene where he is walking back home as a child and his adult clothes are now to big for him.  Well for some reason that is how I have been feeling lately and especially today.  My suit that used to perfectly fit me now is way to big for me.  My shirts also feel way to big and to be honest I feel a little scruffy.  I have not lost anymore weight recently so not sure why I am feeling this way at the moment but only a couple more suit wearing days to go so I will get over it.  The problem then lies with my normal clothes, unfortunately I am having the same issues and having to wear a belt with everything is a little frustrating especially when the belt is on the last notch.

Anyway, my chest is very sore today.  I definitely feel like I gave my whole upper body a work out even to the point where I feel like I have blisters on my palms from the constant pulling of my body out of the water.  I am tired today.  Normally I would have done at least three exercises this week but swimming has been the only exercise so far.  I have probably gone a little early but the tapering has begun.  I am looking forward to a break in a couple of days, being able to run or swim when I like and just enjoying the exercise in the lead up to the race.  It is swimming tomorrow and it is going to be a tough set so early night tonight.  Hopefully the energy levels are back by tomorrow and the swim is a good one.

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