Tuesday, 25 December 2012

26.12.12 Extreme weather

10 days to go

So I woke up this morning with what felt like a hangover.  A monstrous headache.  Of course a hangover is impossible unless the Christmas cake had more brandy in it than I thought! I felt quite lethargic also so the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run.  Looking outside the weather looked worse than yesterday so agin no real motivation to run.  But I got changed, had a glass of juice and off I went.  I was prepared to do a casual 10km run along the beach front but as I got past the 3km mark, I started to feel a lot better.  It was about at time that the weather turned up a notch and the rain came pouring down.  It was warm and humid and was not cold so it didn't bother me.  There was a strong breeze and looking at the weather forecast for Tauranga in ten days time, it made me think that these could be the conditions that I will be running in during the race.  Not much different from Wellington so maybe all those training sessions in Wellington will pay off!  I hit the turnaround point and continued back towards home.  I realised why I had been feeling so much better on the first half of the run, I had been running with a tailwind.  I was now running straight into a head wind and I knew it was going to be a hard slog home.  But it wasn't.  I was feeling quite good despite me being soaked and the wind, to the point where I decided to extend my run a little further.  I got home and 12.8km was complete.

After a nice breakfast I decided to try and figure out how I could upload my training session online.  I have tried a couple of times in the past and had various problems but tried it again using my new work laptop.  After a bit of fiddling around it finally decided to work.  I can now upload my excercise so that you can view what I have been doing.  It also means that I can store the info online rather than on a hard drive meaning I have less chance of losing them as has happened in the past.  Anyway, here is my run this morning for you to view.  Enjoy!

Beachlands Run

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