Monday, 17 December 2012

18.12.12 Power Set

18 days to go
75.7 kilos

When you are about to jump I the pool and you are looking at your set and your coach says that you are going to be stuffed later on and hurting the following day, the motivation slips away...

I woke up this morning and the weekend was taking its toll as I was stuffed.  The alarm went off a couple of times and just when I was about to reset it to a later time, Lachlan woke up.  Then the cats wanted their breakfast and before I knew it I was up.  I had decided that I would have a mini rest day today and take the motorbike rather than ride in.  Lucky I did as the energy levels where very low and my calfs are toight like a toiger.  I got to the pool and was confronted with the following:

Power Set 400 in/out of pool/ 25 fly fins/press ups and sprint etc.

Basically the set involved 400 meters in a 25 minute pool and getting out at each end which meant pulling yourself out of the pool, running around the diving platform, diving in and doing it again at the other end.  400 meters=16 times.  By the end of it, your arms are stuffed and you are still trying to sprint.  Next was fly for 25 minutes and then turning around and sprinting freestyle back.  That was done 6 times.  Last was 50 metre sprints which involved staring on the pool deck, doing 5 press ups and then diving in and sprinting for 50 metres.  Once you had completed the above it was time to do it all again.  Once that was complete, a nice 200 Backstroke warm down.  Needless to say that I was tired today and am not looking forward to how my chest is going to feel tomorrow...

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