Sunday, 23 December 2012

23.12.12 Mt Kaukau Run

13 days to go

I had a great sleep last night and woke to the sun rising.  Feeling refreshed after no alarm going off I got dressed into my running gear ready for a run to Mt Kaukau.  Something that I have not done for a while so bring on 14km of hills and awesome views.  As I was filling my drink bottles I thought about taking a gel wi me as it was looking hot outside and I need to get my body used to taking them as you don't want to be heading into a race playing with your nutrition especially taking gels when you have not taken them in your training.  As I am thinking about them a mild panic sets in as I don't recall seeing the gels that I bought when I took my bike in for a service the other week.  Not only that, the spare tyres that I purchased are also missing.  I start looking around the house and can't recall even brining the bag with the items in from the bike shop.  Before I think about calling the bike shop to see if a week ago someone left their purchases on the counter, I decide to check the car.  The car yields no expensive magic shopping bag of goodies.  I am in the back seat and I lean over and check the boot.  There is the bag in the back.  I had put a case in there the other day and did not see it so it must have been covered up in some way but has miraculously uncovered itself.  I grab the bag, decide not to take a gel out and head out for the run.

I start my run and it is warm.  The sun is out and I am thinking to myself that this time in a couple of weeks I will probably be just about to start the run leg.  I run to the bottom of Mt Kaukau and where I would normally stop, I keep running.  It is weird how you can judge your fitness when you do the same routes you used to do but can do the father or with much more ease than in the past.  Based on how I am feeling, I will be running all the way to the top.  I hit the bottom of the winding stairs that means that you are near the top and my lungs are burning.  I keep going knowing I have only a little way to go and finally reach the top.  I am shattered and my heart rate is maxing out.  As much as it hurts it is good to be putting my body through that pain as it will be similar to that in a couple of weeks for around 5.5 hours straight.  I stop and have a short rest before continuing to walk up the track before running again. I am hurting from the run up the stairs it its is more than that and I am starting to realise that the heat is taking its toll.  I am sweating big time and can feel the sun on me.  It is around 21 degrees and no wind, it is only going to be hotter on race day.  As I make it to the top, enjoy the view and the start heading back down home, I begin to wonder if the training that has been completed in the  wind and the hills of Wellington will out way the heat and humidity of Tauranga and Auckland in a months time.  I head home and by the time the 14km and 1:40 minutes is up, I am exhausted.  My calfs are killing me and I am hot.  I cool down with some water and contemplate why I am feeling so rubbish.  I decide that the trip to Auckland will not be as relaxing as I once thought.  Instead it is going to turn into a climatisation camp.  I am going to have to get used to the heat and how it is going to effect me and I only have 13 days to do it.

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  1. you'll be fine Frosty - you just gotta believe in yourself :)