Thursday, 10 January 2013

11.01.13 Preparing for Race day

9 Days to go

Unbelievably time has flown by and in 9 days time I will again be racing in the Auckland Half Ironman.  I have been looking forward to this one though.  Tauranga was a nerve racking experience because it was my first one and I just had no idea of how I would go but Auckland is one race that I will hopefully enjoy.  I know that bar any issues I will finish the race.  I know what is now required of my body in the swim, bike and run but best of all I know the course that I will be riding and running on and am familiar with the terrain so know when to push just that little bit harder.  I decided to go online as I had not even looked at the Auckland requirements for the race yet and make sure that I was going to meet the pre entry requirements.  In looking at the site, I found a link to the Auckland Ironman Youtube Video (click link).  I thought it was a brilliant video and gives you a great overview of what I will be seeing on Sunday morning.

Not much has taken place since my race last Saturday.  Of course I did my swim session on Tuesday however since then the first week back at work has stopped anything further.  It is probably a good thing but I will be doing some reasonable weekend training.  The bike is still up in Auckland so tomorrow I am jumping on the Mountain bike and heading up Makara peak.  It has been a long time since I have been on a Mountain bike however the climb to Makara is a great leg work out and will be a good work out but not a ridiculously hard one leaving plenty left for next Sunday.  It gives me a chance to give my Garmin watch another work out so I am looking forward to seeing how it will go and the data that I will get from it.  Until then, it is time for an early night ready for my ride tomorrow.

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