Wednesday, 2 January 2013

02.01.13 Gone Fishing!

3 days to go

Today was another relaxing day chilling and enjoying the break and lead up to the race.  This morning the weather gods were shining on us, the wind was down and we decided that it would be a nice day for a fish.  We grabbed the boat and headed out into the South Pacific Ocean for a couple of hours to see what was biting.  Lots of nibbles and the only legal catch of the day of a 29 cm snapper going to myself.

On return it was a relaxing day by the pool followed by the dreaded pack for the race.  It hit me tonight that the race really is happening in 3 days time.  I laid out all of my gear tonight similar to how I have done in the past for adventure races.  It was weird sitting there visualising myself completing each leg and packing what was required.  Would it be so cold that I would require an extra swim cap? Would I need socks for the bike leg? Would I need spare runners jut in case something happened to my Vibram's?  After a while the bag was packed and I am now officially beginning my journey to Tauranga tomorrow morning.  I am unsure of the Internet access when I get there so may be out of action but stay tuned for a full race debrief and Facebook updates until then.

See you on the other side of a barefoot Half Ironman...

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