Monday, 29 October 2012

30.10.12 The week off

Yes, I know it has been a while since my last blog especially after my promises of my previous blog but the work load has not stopped and has led to me having to take the weekend off much to my disappointment.  As I sit here typing this blog whilst in Auckland waiting to fly home, I can now look ahead to what should be an easier period for me to knuckle down and really nail the final months of my training.

Since my last blog I have been pretty consistent in my training with some good sessions in the pool as well as some long rides and runs.  Just last weekend despite the long week at work, I knew I had to take advantage of the long weekend with some serious sessions.  I decided that on the Saturday morning I would attempt the longest single tuning have ever done and run 21km straight.  It was going to be a challenge due to the fact that I was tired from work and knew the following week was going to be just as bad.  I had a little sleep in Saturday (6:30am) before having some breaks and driving to the pool.  I parked the car and started the run.  Immediately I felt really good.  I was running along the coastal road as shown below with some kind of adrenaline running through me and felt like I was flying.

By the time that I started to round the point and was on my way to the turnaround point, I had already completed 8.5 km.  as soon as I hit the turnaround though I realised pretty quickly why I had been feeling so good.  I had been running with a tail wind.  I knew that the next 9km was going to be a bitch. At around the 16km mark the legs and feet were starting to hurt however by this time I could see the airport and knew that I was close to be home.  Maybe 30 minutes worth of pain left!  I got back to the pool and realised that I was short on my 21km run, nothing a couple of laps around the nearby oval could not solve.  The run was over and I had done it in 1 hour 53 minutes and I was happy.  I quickly grabbed my swim gear and jumped in the pool to start the 2km swim.  Surprisingly, I felt good and before I knew it it was time to jump out and have a stretch.  My day was over and it was only 10:20am, time to chill with the family

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