Saturday, 3 November 2012

30.10.12 Sunday ride...on Monday

As it was a long weekend in Wellington I decided to take advantage of it and take the Sunday off after my long run and swim and do a long ride on the Monday.  I got up early (7am), grabbed some breakfast and then headed out on the bike.  I was going to do the Makara ride similar to the one below and it was going to mean at least 4 hours in the saddle.

On the way I go past Makara cemetery and decided that as it was such a beautiful morning, to go and pay respects to a friend who recently passes away.  I said hello and then jumped on the bike and continued my ride.  As I finally reached the top of Makara hill feeling exceptionally good mind you, I pulled out my drink bottle and felt something hit my leg.  The drink bottle holder was holding on with one screw and I had no idea where the other one was.  I stopped and luckily the screw was still sitting in the holder.  I opened my saddle bag to get my Allen key out only to find that it was missing.  I pulled out every loose Allen key and could not find one to fit.  I tried to do some DIY to at least hold the bottle holder from falling on my leg by wedging my pump in it.  The bottle was going to have to go in my bike top but as I had only started the ride around 40minutes earlier, the pockets where full of food.  I stuffed the drink bottle down my top and decided to head for my local bike shop  to try and borrow an Allen key.  Needless to say I made it to the shop and learnt a valuable lesson about carrying the right gear when riding.  It started to make me think about what needed to be carried during my race in a couple of months time.

The remainder of the ride felt good.  I ensured that I ate plenty and it wasn't until around the 60km mark that I started to get a sore back.  I made it home in about 4 hours flat and quickly said hello to the family before slipping on the five fingers and going for a 2km run.  It was nice to be back training and feeling good again.  Just got to be a little more regular and get that bike time down to a more respectful time.

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