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09.10.12 Work before play

It has been a while since my last post and I would love to say it is all due to my increased training but instead it is due to a huge workload that I have experienced over the last month.  The training has been happening at the same time and by the time I have come home and had something to eat, the last thing I want to do is jump on a computer and type a blog!  So below is a brief catch up what has been happening over the last 4 weeks:

1) Two days after my blog called 'Size does matter', I ran to work in my new Vibram's.  In my blog I had talked about the fact that the new larger size Vibram's how I had no blisters and the larger size made me run faster.  Well on this day, disaster struck.  I am not sure if it was the fact that I was tight in my legs or the new shoes but 1/4 of the way into the run, I knew something was not right and my feet were rubbing in my shoes.  Half way to work it was starting to really hurt and by the time I got to work and took of my shoes, I could hardly walk.  I looked at the damage and in the middle of my right foot exactly where the Vibram's seemed to have rubbed before in my old pair was a huge blister as well as a couple of blisters near my little toe.  I was now worried that my new shoes were not all they had shown themselves to be and that they may be too big.  Since that day I have not had significant blisters but do get rubbing every now and then.  I have put it down too how tight my legs are and the strike of my foot because when I am warmed up or not feeling tired, all is well.  When it is an early morning run and I am sore from the weekend, I get some blisters.  I have now learnt to deal with it though.  I know many people who get blisters when they run so it is not just related to me.

2) About three weeks ago I decided to really step up the training and do 7 days straight.  I was feeling really good after the weekend's worth of training so instead of taking the Monday off, decided to keep it going.  The training was the below:

Monday - 10km run to work
Tuesday - 13km ride to swimming, 3km swim, 7km ride to work, 10km ride home, 1.5km warm down run after work.
Wednesday - 10km run to work
Thursday - 13km ride to swimming, 3km swim, 7km ride to work, 10km ride home, 1.5km warm down run after work.
Friday - 10km run to work
Saturday - 21km Half Marathon
Sunday - 80km Ride

Total kilometers equalled around 200km and almost 10.5 hours of training.  I was a little tired after it but was ready to go again the next week.  Unfortunately the work schedule did not allow it and it became a mini rest week which felt weird, almost like I had stopped training.

3) As you can see above, as part of the training in the week, I managed to do a half marathon.  I have never run a half marathon in my life before.  Of course I have run long distances in my adventure racing before but never a straight 21km on a flat course.  I was not really sure what it was going to feel like but decided that the best way to find out was to get out and do it.  I decided to run to work which I knew was 10km, then run 5km along the waterfront before turning around and running back.  Whilst I was around 4km into the run and had hit the flat that I would run on for most of the remaining part of the run and was conscious not to go out too hard as I did not want to blow up.  I thought I was running at a slower pace and was surprised to see that I was running at around 11.5km an hour, my normal pace.  I ran to work and was still feeling good as I made my way to the waterfront.  I began to see other runners and slowly but surely I managed to run past them whilst still maintaining a good pace.  I got to around the 14km mark and my right knee suddenly gave way.  It felt like I had torn something in my knee, but I had not tripped over and the pain was immediate, not something that I had felt slowly come on.  I slowed down and the knee felt a little better as the pain slowly went away but it did feel very weak, like it could go at any time.  I ran the 21km and was pleased with my time, 1 hour 45 minutes.  If I could do that time during my race I would be pleased!

4) I came home to look after Lachlan one afternoon and since it was such a cracker of a day, decided to go for a run with the pram.  I have not really had a good run with the pram (we bought the dogs bollocks pram with hand brake, 16 inch wheels and suspension so that I could go for runs with it) so decided that it was time to have a go.  I took Lachlan halfway to work around 6km before visiting some animals at the pet store and then catching the bus back.  Surprisingly, I was running about 1km an hour slower than what I normally run.  Looks like more runs with the pram are in order!

5) Due to work commitments, I have had to leave the bike at work and catch the bus home as it has just been too late to ride home.  It is not an excuse as I would love to ride home but by the time I get home, have a warm down run, shower etc, it is too late to spend time with the family.  Due to this I had to run to work last Saturday to pick up my bike and then ride home.  After I ran to work, I got on my bike and
as I tried to change up gears, it would not work.  I was pushing the change lever but nothing was happening.   I looked up to see that I was riding past a bike store that I go too sometimes.  I took it in and discovered that my lever was broken inside and that to change gears I would have to hold the front lever (brake and big gear change) whilst pushing the smaller leaver (rear gears).  It was a pain in the ass but at least I would be able to get home.  Needless to say the bike was booked in for a service with them two days later.  So how expensive is the sport of Triathlon...very expensive!!  I read somewhere once that triathletes are the best people to buy presents for as you can always buy them something.  New gels or protein bars, bike gear, drink bottles, sunglasses etc.  However there are just some things you can't do without and a working bike is one of them.  The bike is now fixed and has a new front lever, and it is now a 10 speed bike rather than a nine speed so at least I have a few more gears to play with.  The unfortunate thing though is the cost.  Lets just say that you imagine getting a reasonable service on a car...double that cost and you will probably be there with my bike service.  Luckily we have been saving a crap load of money on the non purchase of alcohol in the last 6 weeks, yes 6 WEEKS and I have still not had a drink.

6) Lastly, it was a beautiful morning today and I was all set to go for a nice long ride but my body just said no when I tried to get up.  I have been fighting a mini cold over the last week and I listened to my body and had a sleep in.  There was an orienteering event on today so Vic and I decided to go and do it  and take Lachlan in the pram.  It was nice to be running with the pram again but also to be running as a family.  Before we knew it, 8km had been run followed by a nice sandwich at a cafe whilst sitting in the sun.

So that has caught you up on what I have been doing, again sorry for the delay.  I have now decided that I will do short and more regular posts as they are easy to do rather than wait a month like I have recently.  Just a catch up on the goals so far:

Weight - 77.5kg.  I have lost around 4.5kg since August.  I wanted to be 77kg for the race but now think I have at least 2kg to go and hope to be around 75kg on race day.  Needless to say, I might need to buy some new suit's as the belt normally worn for the look is quickly becoming the only thing stopping my pants from falling down!

Alcohol - As mentioned before, I have not had a drink for 6 weeks.  Bring on January!

Race Day - It is only 89 days to go until race day.  The pressure is on and just like my rejuvenated bike, the training is just kicking into another gear!

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