Friday, 25 May 2012

26.05.12 I love barefoot running!!!

After Thursday's run I was concerned that I may have done some damage to my legs as I continued to do the run even though I was in hindsight probably not the smartest move.  My legs on Friday felt fine though, not even that tight, certainly not like the day after a couple of other runs I have completed.

I am a little dejected by what has happened on Thursday though and so do some more research on barefoot running and find a video where the guy is a credible runner but says that you should not use Vibram to run long distances in nor should you use them when running on concrete.  I am seriously considering stopping the barefoot running and then I watch a video on barefoot running by a professor who literally runs barefoot and does his running on the road.  Check it out here.  I am reinsured and decide that I need to keep going with this thing.

So it is now Saturday and I am up early and decide to go for the same run that I have been completing during the week.  I want to go for a longer run as I have time for it but after Thursday I am conscious that my legs are not ready for it.  Vibram state that you should slowly increase your running 10% at a time.  You need to remember that I used to do 2-3 hour runs as a norm so to be competing a 20 minute run is almost a wast of time for me.  I do not want a repeat of Thursday though and the potential for me to have to sit out for a week due to injury.

I slip on my shoes and start the run.  Whilst I have just woken up and feel crap as I am a little tired from the week, I am not experiencing too much pain like I was the other day.  A little tightness but nothing too bad.  I start to come back down the hill and decide to try something different.  I stretch out my toes before they land and find that I am more comfortable running down the hill as I am landing right in the centre of my foot rather than flat on my foot which emphasized the pain in my legs the other day.  I feel good running down the hill and hit the flat.  Whilst I am still feeling tired, my legs definitely feel better and I continue with the run.  I am really tired by the end of the run but my legs feel good.  I can feel them shaking a little bit as I stop and I know that my muscles are still getting used to barefoot running.  What I do realize though is that my feet don't hurt.  My feet have never hurt since I have been running in the Vibram's and I find that strange.  I thought for sure my feet would show some kind of discomfort but it is not the case.  The Vibram's are back and I feel good.  Tomorrow I know of a 30-40 minute run that I can do and I think it is time to give it a go.  Although it is going to be a late night tonight I am slightly looking forward to finding out how my legs are going to feel...only time will tell!

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