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08.05.12 New Shoes

Still on the 8th.

So we are on the morning of the registration for my first ever Half Ironman.  I decide that the Vibram Five Fingers is something that I want to train in for something different as well as a different way to do an Ironman.  For all the comments that I received that I received below in summary:
1) You can't do an Ironman in bare feet
2) Get off your fat ass and do some exercise as it makes you feel good
3) I don't need to see your type of barefoot running Mr Westpac.
4) I agree that the shoes look creepy but have you seen Victoria's feet...
5) Yes, I love pushing myself to the limits especially in the great outdoors.

  •  Love the blog Mr Frost! Look forward to reading more. Hope your well mate.
    21 hours ago via mobile · 

  •  Keep it coming Frosty, you may even inspire me to get off my fat ass.
    21 hours ago via mobile · 

  •  Looking forward to hearing how running barefoot, or with those pair of Vibram Five Fingers go! I'm not a fan of shoes and the only thing about running that I don't like is not yet finding a great pair of sneakers : )
    21 hours ago · 

  •  I'm exhausted just reading this Frosty! Good job though, it all sounds very exciting! I'm sure you've got Lachlan in the pram while your out training while Vic puts her feet up! Love to you all xoxo
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  •  U need to toughen up Aussie, that's not bare feet! I'll show u barefeet! Lol I am thinking of dng marathon but not sure whether to do actually in bare feet! Yeah right :p
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  • Inspirational! Great work and look forward to hearing about your running feats :)
    17 hours ago · 

  •  Best of luck with this mate!
    14 hours ago · 

  • Nice work Nathan, good read! Not sure about the creepy shoes but hey ho, who needs fashion when there is a race to be won!
    14 hours ago · 

  •  Cool Nathan, it's great. I'll be reading it for sure. Yep Ebeny, they be some creeeepy shoe/feet.
    13 hours ago · 

  • nice. so have you been on your first barefoot run yet? suggest you invest in a foot spa, am sure you'll need it!
    10 hours ago · 

  •  mate if you actually did the ironman barefoot that would something to blog about.\
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  • I had no idea you were such an outdoor person, too much suit wearing.
    6 hours ago · 

  •  Great reading ... enjoyed it!
    3 hours ago · 

  • Victoria Frost Awesome Frosty! Lachlan and I are soooo super proud of you. You are an inspirational father to our gorgeous wee man xxx
So getting back to it, I decide that if I can complete a certain amount of work in the morning that on my lunch break it will be a trip to Gordon's Outdoor Equipment in Wellington.  I am not a big fan of giving accolades to shops but I met one of the best salespeople in my life in this store.  As previously mentioned, I had done my research on Vibram Five Fingers and knew exactly the model and what was going to be required to use these them.  I walk in to the shop and meet a Canadian shop assistant.  I feel really bad but I never got here name.  She was one of those people that you wished you had taken the name of so that you can write a letter to the manager.  Anyway it turns out that she is a physiotherapist from Canada who is waiting for her papers and knows everything about the human body and everything to do with Vibram Five Fingers.  She told me everything I need to know about them as well as benefits of them and what I was going to go through to get used to them.  She explained how they should fit and gave me the options of colors.  As Henry Ford said 'You can have any color your like as long as it is Black...and Grey...'  So thank you for one of my 'Cheque' birthday presents as this was put to good use... a new pair of Vibram five fingers.  So I went with the Bikala LS below (named after the Abebe Bikala who won the men's marathon in two consecutive olympics, the only person to ever do this).
I tried them out and the first time that you put them on you feel like you are putting your feet into a rubber glove, however the wrong toes are going in the wrong holes...very frustrating.  You think how can I coordinate the rest of my body when I can't even put my toes in the designated slots of my new shoes.  With several attempts my feet are in.  I get told to go for a walk and feel like I am doing a slow march (ex Kings boys would know what I mean).  I am trying to walk properly but am slapping my feet down on the ground, that is what no heel does for you.  I walk on a rocky surface by the front door and feel the surface but don't feel the sharp rocks digging into my bare feet. I feel a little naked in my suit and wearing slippers but if feels good.  After much consideration (a couple of minutes), the choice is made, I will take them.  Being natural I do not take the offer of a bag and walk back to work with the box that encases the most expensive rubber I have ever bought.  I almost feel embarrassed to cary them, what am I going to feel like wearing them?

Of course I can't wait to get home and try them on and let alone run in them.  I finally leave after a busy day at work and head home with them in my backpack as I am on the motorbike and luckily have the backpack due to carrying my swim gear to work.  I finally get home and get changed into my run gear with a 7 minute run circuit on my mind.  I put them on and feel naked with my Warwick Caper short short running shorts and nothing on past my thighs except for my Bikala's.  I go for a run and don't feel any different but it is only a short run. I come home and think to myself that maybe running in bare feet with no preparation is a good idea.  So I log onto the Vibram website and start looking at Vibram Five Fingers Exercises and decide that I better not rush into things and launch into this barefoot running thing and prepare my feet for bare foot running in a physical sense.  I start doing the exercises and vow to complete them at least 4 times a week for the next two weeks to get my feet ready.  This means little running for the next couple of weeks but swimming will have to do for now.   I wonder what the weekend will bring...

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