Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22.05.12 Leading the pack

I know you are wondering...how are my calf's?

Well to be honest they are not sorer or tighter.  I was not able to go for a run on Sunday as was too busy with spending time with Lachlan however I was happy to my legs did not hurt as much.  I was busy on Monday night spending time with some work mates before I had to come home and babysit.  I wanted to go for a run but it was too late by the time I got home.  Legs where still tight but again not worse than they were on Saturday.

So today was swim training.  A nice warm up of 400 followed by 12 X 25 metres on 30 seconds.  It was then onto the main set.

First set was 6 X 100's on 1.55.  We were told that we had to do the set on around 1.40 and have 15 seconds rest before starting the next 100.  I was "taking my swimming to the next level" today and ensuring that I was reaching deeper today.  I was leading the lane but the lane was split into two but it seemed we had the faster group.  We did the first 100 on around 1.35 which was too fast so the next 100 was at 1.35 which again was too fast.  The next 100 was at 1.37 with the following three at 1.40.  1 minute rest.

Onto set number 2 which was similar to the above with 6 X 100 on 1.50 however the coach wanted 1.45 100's so around 5 seconds rest.  I was feeling really good in this set so was achieving around 1.35 100's for most of the set with around 15s rest.

We then move onto the last set which was the same as previous with 6 X 100 on 1.50.  Coach wanted us to do them on 1.40 so it meant limited rest in-between.  We did the first of the 100 on 1.30 and the second on 1.30 with the third on 1.29 with the fourth on 1.28 and the fifth on 1.27.  By this stage I am hurting and know that I have one set to go.  I start the last 100 and we eventually finish on 1.30.

Swimming was good today however pushing of the wall I could still feel my calves.  I wanted to go for a run tonight to see how they were feeling but with a long day at work have come home to relax.  Bring on tomorrow when I test out the shoes once more!

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