Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My first long ride with Catalina!

It is my first real ride on Catalina.  It is a perfect morning with not much wind.  I have to be back at home by 10:30 so want to do around a 3 hour ride however it has been a long week and I enjoy a little bit of a sleep in.  I decide to do a loop around Makara Peak and then along the bays before heading home.  This ride normally takes around 4 hours so I may have to cut it short.

I leave the house and immediately enjoy the relaxed position on the bars as I am heading down hill.  Instead of bars that go around like a normal road bike, the P5 only have bars that go straight out which provide a comfortable position when going down hill or sprinting up hill, and the aero position.  I start the climb up to the road that heads to Makara and as mentioned previously this bike is not a climbing bike, so it is a tough climb.  I eventually hit the flatter section of the ride and am able to get down on the  aero bars for the first time.  It feels really insecure as I am so tucked in and I am reluctant to get down on the bars even on some flat sections.  I gradually get more confident and begin to enjoy the comfortable position that the bars provide.  I head over the Makara Peak and into the city before heading into the bay loop.  This loop is slightly secluded from normal traffic so gives me more opportunity to test my aero riding position.

I am feeling so comfortable it is crazy.  My back does not hurt and I am just cruising along.  I am up on the bars and I am sitting on 35km/hour.  I go down on the bars and instantly I am going 1km/hour faster.  I get back down on the bars and continue to ride along until I hit the airport.  I would normally continue past the airport but I am running out of time.  I am actually disappointed as I am feeling sensational and want to see how far I can go but turn around and head back home.  I am hitting more flat sections and spending more time on the aero bars.  I make it to the city and look down at the clock to see that I have only 20 minutes to make it home by 10:30.  It would normally take me at least 30 minutes so I am going to have to go for it.  I start my trip home and at every possible opportunity I get down on the bars to help me get home as fast as possible.

I eventually make it home, 10 minutes later than expected but as mentioned feeling sensational.  I would have loved to keep riding but my mum is over and we are heading out.  I make it home after completing 73km which feels like it is around a 40km ride.  It has taken me 2 hours and 53 minutes and below are the details of the ride.

Makara Short Loop 04.05.13 by IronmanBarefoot at Garmin Connect - Details

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