Monday, 13 May 2013

Back to the shop with the P5

As I wheel the P5 into the shop the following morning, Ricardo who is one of the bike mechanics looks at me and says 'What happened?"  I tell him the story and he looks down at the rear brake and touches it then looks at his fingers to see fluid on them.  He tells me to leave the bike and come back later.

The day goes by and I have heard nothing from the bike shop.  I finish my day and then head back to the shop.  As I walk in I begin chatting to Mike and I fill him in on what has happened.  We start talking about a ride on the weekend and he invites me to it.  Whilst I am talking I can see another mechanic in the background looking like he wants to say something.  I turn to speak to him and he tells me that the bike is not ready.  I am then informed that the bolt that I had undone was actually the bolt for the hydraulic brake fluid and by pressing the break lever I have bled my breaks.  To fill the fluid back up again they have pulled out a plastic screw which is now broken and needs to be replaced.  They have to order the part in and it will hopefully be in on Saturday morning but most likely not until next week.  I am not happy however it teaches me a lesson though.  Gone are the days of simple mechanical fixes on a bike, they are now going to be complicated fixes only to be performed by skilled bike mechanics.  The last thing that I do before I leave Capital Cycles is book in my old bike for a service.  I need it to be working to the best of it's ability even though I will be spending most of my time on my new bike.  I will need it when riding in packs as well as some of my training of course any long rides or sprinting will be done on the P5.  My old bike is in a bit of a state.  Just before the Auckland Orca Half Ironman the gear shifting became extremely difficult, to the point that I could not change into the big chain ring on the front.  I struggled through the race in Auckland but it was now time to get it back in full working order.  I had negotiated a set of peddles for this bike so that my new shoes could be used on it rather than me having to switch back to my old shoes.  I leave the shop with my tail between my legs embarrassed that I have been the major cause of the problem with my new bike and upset that for the weekend I will not have my new ride.

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