Monday, 4 June 2012

02.06.12 The Tarahumara people

On Friday evening whilst sipping on a beer after a hard week, Lachlan was in bed and Vic and I were chilling on the couch.  Vic was checking emails and saw that the Wellington Marathon was going to be on later in the month.  Now I have never completed a half marathon in the past and know I have to do it for my half ironman in January so am anxious to knock one out fairly soon, however with the transition to barefoot running it was not going to be possible for this race at the end of June.  I ask if there is a smaller distance and there is.  There is a 10km race.  Just like my runs I am doing at the moment I think to myself that is a waste of time but realize it would be a good goal to get to by the end of the month.  It is three weeks away and if I am doing around 5-6km at the moment, I will need to increase my runs by around 1km a week and I will be ready for this race.  I would prefer that I was doing a bit longer than 10km in my Vibram's before the race but it is not going to be possible on this occasion.  I am glad that I have a goal though, my first race in the Vibram's!!

There is extra motivation this weekend as a mate of mine (thanks Brad), has given me a copy of the book 'Born to Run'.  Basically it is a book based on the Tarahumara people and their extraordinary ability to run long distances in handmade sandals and on little nutrition.  Attached also is a link here that shows a video of the Tarahumara people and the supposed advantages of barefoot running.  I am only just starting the book at present so can't give you a full description of the details but lets just say it is inspiring and will certainly lead me to doing some runs on the weekend.

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