Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Rest Begins

After my last race I am exhausted and looking forward to a break.  That breaks begins not long after the Orca Auckland Half Ironman when I am sipping on a beer as shown below.

I underestimated the mental impact that the season would have on me and to be quite honest, I was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of it.  I had been looking forward to the end of the Auckland race but another piece of me was going to miss the training that had been done.  The fact that I was going to miss it was a good sign, not missing it, hating it would be an issue.  I had decided to cut all ties from training and do nothing for at least 4 weeks.  By that stage I would be craving a run or ride and if that was the case I was ready to get back into the training for another season.  I would enjoy the sleep ins and late morning starts.  I would enjoy the early evenings and glasses of wine with dinner. Would four weeks be enough?????

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