Friday, 7 September 2012

Fathers Day 03.09.12

7 days no alcohol

I wake up early on Sunday morning and it is Fathers Day!!  What better way to start Fathers Day (besides a bacon sandwich) than a nice 80km ride up Paekakariki Hill!  I leave early and after last week know that I need to make sure that I have enough food on board.  I am feeling a lot better than i have in previous weeks and the last time I did this ride I was nearly cycling on the spot as I was coming up the second to last hill on my way home.  The ride out is perfect and I have left reasonably early so there is no traffic on the road.  I make my way to the base of Paekakariki hill where I stopped about three weeks ago and continue to ride as I am feeling good.  I begin the climb up to the top of the hill (hill in the middle of the picture below) and get into a good rhythm.  This is shown by two things, the green line being my cadence (speed of pedals per minute) and the speed itself (blue line).  Before I know it I am up at the top of the hill.  I have a little break before and a quick bite to eat and take a photo of the beautiful Kapiti Coast before jumping back on the bike and heading down the hill.

As I head down the hill I pass large groups of riders that are heading up and I think for a second and only a second, do I turn around and do it all over again with not this time.  I hit the flat and begin the long trek home, again ensuring that again I am constantly eating and drinking.  I make it home 17 minutes faster than I have just three weeks ago and put on the Vibram's for a quick 1.25km warm down run before enjoying a nice Fathers day coffee in my Fathers Day mug.

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